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How to create a blog and earn money by writing blog articles | Tech Mahesh

Easy guide - how to Create a blog for beginners has step-by-step video, pictures, and free personal assistance to create your first blog or earn money

 how to create a blog and earn money | with writing blog articles | Tech Mahesh

If you create a blog and write articles on your blog you earn money, improve your skill, make  new friends, and more.

Today i will tell you how to create a blog and earn money.

create a blog and earn money

Now you are ready to earn money?
You can start blogging as part time job

In this articles i am explain about how to create a blog and earn money

My name is mahesh. i started my frist blog in 2015.

There are five reasons to create a blog
  1. you can help of people to earn money and grow their skill
  2. you earn money by create a blog
  3. boost your thinking 
  4. you must help new blogger who create a blog and earn money
  5. you can sell your products or services with your blogging

If you want to more benefits just create a blog, because there are low investment and great profit by create a blog 

Now we take a example, i am starting blogging in 2015 after creating a blog i learnt many new things

Now i am earning from 6 website by writing articles,

after achieving succes i would like to help other new bloggers who want to earn from blogging

Start a free blogging  and paid blogging

There are two two ways to create a blog first way is that free and second way is paid 

In this you pay for domain and hosting at least 3000 rupees for 40 Dollar 

Friend if you to a create blog in free you can go with blogger.com, wix.com and wordpress.com 

You create a blog with Blogger wix and WordPress. In this stage you face any limitations. 


I recommend you you don't start free blogging because 

  1. Your domain name will show like this blogname.blogspot.com 
  2. If you select paid domain your domain name will show like this blogname.com 
  3. Monetization process in very hard and effective revenue You can't control your blog they can suspend your blog and you can't do anything 

I think ok you understood those reasons now you it will not create blog in free 

How to create a blog 

Start your journey with booking a domain name in just 7 dollar for 4000 rupees 

Follow the willow step and  create your blog 

Step 1 Choose right blogging platform 

Step 2 To select a unique domain name 

Step 3 Select a best hosting 

Step 4 Set up your blog 

Step 5 Start designing your blog 

Step 6 Now you are eligible to earning from your blog 

Step 1 Select right platform 

You can start your blogging platform with blogspot WordPress Wix and more 

There are many blogging platforms available in market but wordpress is best for create a blog and earn money 

There are a few reason to select WordPress as a blogging platform 

  1. You can use WordPress in free
  2. Designing process is very simple aur dash board is very user-friendly aur easy-to-use 
  3. There are 100000 free and paid theme available on WordPress in which you can design any type on WordPress 
  4. If you want to to make your block fast you can use 70000 plugins on WordPress 
  5. If you you get any error aur problem you can join wordpress community 

Step 2 Select your domain name 

Domain name selection is most important because domain name show your blog wishes I am suggesting you always use select a best domain name 


I am giving you few tips to select a domain 

  1. Domain name is related your blog's and niches 
  2. You should select a easy or or simple domain name otherwise user can't remember and pronounce your domain 
  3. Always select a .com extension domain. if you card purchase   .com Domain you must select .in, .org,   .info, .co etc 
  4. If your target audience India you can select  .in extension 
  5. Don't use number and desh Domain name 

Step 3. Select a best hosting 

Wordpress give a folder in which you save your all blogging file 


The file is that text file CSS file your images your videos and more 

Bluehost and hostinger is popular hosting platform, this platform is best for beginners 

Step 4 How to setup wordpress blog 

You can select a plan with Rs 59 per month this plan is best for one website 

If you want to create more website in future 
You select a plan with 155 per month this plan is best for 2 and more website 

You can purchase hostinger web hosting click here use my coupon code and get 10% extra discount 

Blue host hosting is  costly but bluehost give you many features if you want to to hosting on bluehost click here 

Bluehost and hostinger give you a free domain 

Now we take example of bluehost to create a blog 

1. Visit bluehost here 
2.Click on the green colour button named get started 

Blue host hosting

3. When you click on get started you go to hosting plans page 
You can see here they are 3/4 plans basic Plus choice Plus and pro 

blue host Hosting home page plan image

4. You can start your Blog with basic plan 

If you want to to create more more than one website you can select other plans 

start your Blog with basic plan

Now click on the select button 
5. Enter your domain and click next 

If you want to do some other time then click on on I will create my domain latter 

Till then bluehost is going to set up your blog on a temporary domain 

added to your blog

The moment you finalize your Domain and it will get added to your blog 

S06. Now you can add your account information. You must enter your name and address and more detail 
Select go for 12 month in this process you will get free SSL certificate with a domain name 

name and address and more detail

sitelock security code guard basic

Now you can untick sitelock security code guard basic and other extra packages 

I guess your final price will be $60 after remove extra packages 

. Inter your payment detail or card information

8.After clicking on the submit button you will receive a success from bluehost then you can click on create account

bluehost account create


09. You have to create your password and the bluehost account create a very strong password

bluehost account create

10 now you will show login screen click on go to login 

click on go to login

11 enter your password and click on login 

own blog

Now you can set up your own blog 
Add your blog name and tagline enable do you want a blog select my homepage for display blog post on option then click continue button 

The next page will ask you tell you a bit more about you 
You can either choice what you like or you can refer the image below 

Now click on continue to theme section 

You can choose a best theme there are many things for free to use it will automatically install the latest wordpress theme 

e latest wordpress theme

You are block will get that up on temporary do men as shown below in the photo in the next two and three how was your actual dormant will be integrated into your hosting bluehost will recommend some setting you can select any of name then click on the blue colour wordpress button 

You will then be take to your wordpress admin panel you will give access to wordpress the sport as shown below 

wordpress admin panel

Now you have employee all the powerful yet very easy to use wordpress feature to transform your blog into a masterpiece 

You can log into your account by adding flash /wp-admin into you are a block and then login using your email id and password mydomain.com/wp-admin 

Step 5  Design your blog 

Let's start  important task 

1. Create a new user 

We have already create an administrator account as an administrator you are allowed to make any changes to your blog you can make changes like installing a plugins, creating post or pages category and user and various other thing 

I suggest you you should create a strong password or username I am sharing with you some important tips 

  • Admin username and password will very strong of your blog 

If you want to create a editor account this process is very simple you can click on users as shown in  the image above 

  • Click user-  add new user 
  • Now you can enter your username or email for a user 
  • By default wordPress suggest a very strong password click on the show password button and select your strong password now time to write your password anywhere 
  • Choose a role as editor from the drop down list menu 
  • Now click on add new user 

Now if you want to publish a post or a page from an editor account you can log out from the option on the top right and login again with the editor username or password 

2. Install a theme after starting your blog 

When you are installing wordpress to create a block wordpress automatically install a default theme into your blog 

Remember this when you are selecting a theme,see themes design style and layout 

If you like to install a free theme in your block you can select appearance and click on theme see above dashboard image 

Click on add new button and you will be give thousands of free theme 

3. Install important plugin 

Wordpress plugins are just like apps that allow you you to incorporate more new features into your blog and make it run faster I will suggest you some important plugins to start a new blog 

Now select plugins and and you for install applications 

I want to tell you some important plugins you can choose Yoast SEO, jetpack, contact form 7, classic editor, WP super cache,  Smush image 

Click on install now and just active you are plugins 

4. Add your first post 

You must publish 2 and 3 post in every week your post length is long 

When you create a unique content google rank your blog and you improve your searches result 

Now click on posts now click on Add new 

To write a title in title section 

You must add image and good content now you can publish your  post 

Keep creating best content and publish best post 

Step 6 start earning 

Millions of blogger are earning $100 to 100000 dollar per month 

Your revenue will be totally dependent upon the number of visitor you bring on your new blog 

If you create a great content according to Search Engine Optimization you earn more money 

I am suggesting you focus on creating unique and quality content that traders find interesting educating problem-solving entertaining and enjoyable 

Just good content is no enough because your blog well to reach egg great audience 

Now you can start to learn as your technique to high rank your post on Google 

Essay on is very good topic to learn you need at least 21 are some of useful resource to learn essay 

  • On page SEO 
  • off page SEO 

You also have to learn social media marketing skill to drive traffic from site like Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube 

Google AdSense is one of the most popular trusted platform you can show Google ads on your blog and earn for each click you get when 
advertising Google AdSense is every blogger choice 

In this article we learn about create a 1st Blog 

Active 123 are very easy to learn and implement but you need to read it again and again until it's become crystal clear to your fever explain it very well using images 

Happy Blogging