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Comprehensive list of the best free keyword research tools. Free Keyword Research Tools to Kickstart Your SEO Strategy in In website free keyword

 Hello friends, Today we will discuss about best free keyword research tool. If you want to grow your website and earn money by create a blog. 

We all know about keyword research tool is most important in our website growth  Top keyword research tool improve your ranking and Boost Your traffic on website 

You can use these tools on your website and YouTube channel 

free keyword research tool

Keyword research tool help Search Engine Optimisation this toll give information about keyword volume competition CPC top ranking pages and more detail 

Keyword research tool are free and some paid 

We discuss both type keyword research tool 

Top free keyword research tool 

01. Semrush 

Semrush keyword research tool give information about content marketing competitor Research and social media marketing Semrush attract and grow your audience very fast 

Features of Semrush 

  • Wide range of Keyword research tool 
  • Collection of trends 
  • Analysis any Romance backlink profile 

02. Instakeyword 

Star keyword tool provide important Guntur like a number of searches in last month local search volume competition is ko and other information 

Features of Instakeyword 

  • Keyword exporting process are very simple 
  • This tool is fully ads free 
  • All the information are available on one page 
  • If you want to find long term keywords you must use Instakeyword 

03. SEO PowerSuite 

If you want to manage your essay process effectively and very easy e you must use this keyword research tool 

The main features of SEO PowerSuite is that backlinks checker content editors ads Optimisation and more menu features 

Features of SEO PowerSuite 

  • This keyword research tool cover all search engine and offers unlimited site keywords or backlink 
  • This is a automatic keyword research tool so SEO jobs rank tracking and backlink checker reporting available very easily 

04 Answer the Public 

Answer the public keyword research tool is most useful toll you can use for or Boost Your SEO there is application support in US Australia Afghanistan and more regions 

Features of Answer the Public 

  • This tool provide complete visualisation of the data 
  • The main feature of these application is that when you type any word in text book this application give automatically content suggestions this is a very useful for all creator 

05 Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest in a free application that help you to find more than 100 long tail keywords in a few minute this tool provide complete inside related to your website traffic and organic keyword 

Features of ubersuggest 

  • This keyword research tool provide complete SEO report 
  • You can find organic keyword from other website 
  • When will use Yuva suggest you also learn and understood that backlinks have most impact on your ranking 
  • In ubersuggest keyword research tool you can see search volume competition and session Trends for every keyboard 

06. Soovle

This keyword research tool provides a suggestion service from being Google Amazon and Yahoo extra browser 

You can find trending keywords in alphabetical order this program help you to save your keyword suggestions 

Features of Soovle 

  • Simple search engine switch option 
  • Easily customise searching option 
  • You can reuse saved item 

07 Google Trends 

Google Trends is an online application that analyses the popularity of top search queries in Google you can use it to find across various language and reasons it is one of best keyword research tool which uses graphs to compare the purchase of various queries this is very best tool for ranking of your website you can easily find more and many topic to rank on google 

Features of Google Trends 

  • You know about daily searches keywords and real-time search 
  • There are many difference category available as news people beauty food fashion and other category 

08 Keyword Tool Dominator 

If you want to find long tail keyword so you must use keyword tool Dominator 

Provides keyword tool for Amazon Google yahoo and more Browser 

Features of Keyword Tool Dominator 

  • If you use Key search keyword research tool n a result you know about low competition keywords for website or blog 
  • This tool provide keywords from Google Amazon YouTube and more search engine 

09. Key Search 

When you use key search keyword research tool you can find relevant and low competition keywords list for any website or blog this tool is provide data from Google Amazon and YouTube

Features of Key search 

  • You can search five keyword in one day 
  • You can check backlinks on your website or blog 
  • Video tutorial available for learning purpose 
  • You track ranking of your website on Google 

10 Wordstream 

Word stream is active research tool you can use for best keyword research you must enter website URL 

You can get result by use filter of this tool 

Features of Wordstream 

  • You can find CPC on every keyword 
  • This tool show top 10 keywords to create your content 
  • It's provided tool of getting ideas including PPC keyword and long tail keywords and more detail 
  • More 

11. Google Keyword Planner 

Google keyword planner is a tool for building search network champion 

It help you to choose competitive weights and budgets to use with your organisation this tool offer keyword ideas and website, blog traffic forecast 

Features of Google Keyword Planner 

  • This keyword research tool is relevant to service product or website 
  • You easily make any decision for using a keyword for existing or new champions 
  • Google keyword planner offers a list of average monthly searches 
  • Ads allow you to see visualisation by platform location and search volume trends 

12. Keyword Shitter 

If you want to generate a query of the medium long tail keyword you must use Keyword Shitter 

If you want to download any report on this website you didn't sign in in for use this tool 

Features of Keyword Shitter 

  • It's provide idea of low competition niches for your blog or articles and website 
  • In a simple step to import a large list of K word 
  • You can copy paste keyword on on this tool 
  • Its provide page metadata page topics and more detail 

13 Keyword In 

This is a very easy tool you can improve your SEO of website 

Features of Keyword in 

  • You can combine your keywords in three way 
  • You can generate keywords for SEO 
  • This tool checks for all possible keyword combination by performing a single step


I think you like this post have a any query please comment I will also reply you as possible how do you like this keyword research tool please add a comment for your best keyword research tool 

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