How to Start Android App Development on Android

How to Start Android App Development on Android

Start Android App Development

If you have an android phone, you must have installed few apps of your need. It's also quite possible that you also wanted to build your own app, Don't Worry it's not difficult as you were told , you can even build apps for phone within your phone.
Not everyone has a high-end development Computer  to start developing Android Apps, but you have some world changing innovative ideas for apps, so I came up with this because I had gone through the same day. 


So Without Further Talking Let's Jump into the solutions,

Non-Coding Solutions

Not Everyone is a programmer but this world is full of probability, noone can stop you from creating your own innovative app


If you're totally newbie, I highly recommend Sketchware to you

With Some Block Coding , Creative Idea and Little Patience you can create next trending app with it.

Sketchware is very easy to understand with huge potential, if you stuck anywhere they have documentations , forums , slack channel as well as a subreddit.

It's also suitable for creating games.


AppyPie App Builder

If You need a professional business application for your work, it's perfect for you

There're Plenty of templates available in AppyPie App Builder, and there must be one for your specific need.

Just Choose a template, customize it, give it a name and id... Your app is almost ready.

That's One of the easy solution I've ever found

Coding Solutions


It's the best solution available out there for building apps via coding. It's like Android Studio on Android

It's one of the oldest yet , most used Android IDE, it supports Java as well as C++

It has powerful editor, Syntax highlighting , auto completing and much more

It's A Total Solution for building as well as learning app development. If you're a programmer or learning programming, I highly recommend this.



It was one of the app which had great potential but now has nothing left.

It has a powerful editor , Syntax highlighting as well as many other powerful features.

It has a downpoint , unless you purchase the full version you've to wait for few minutes to re-enable it.

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