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How do i add a hyperlink to a post? | Add automatically source links on the post | Tech Mahesh

Dear students, Welcome to Techno Mahesh. Today we are going to learn that how to to create an automatic source link in our posts. If you don't know that How to add automatically source links on the post or how to work hyperlink in a post? 

How to add automatically source links on the post 


add automatically source links on the post

Source link 

Content of post on your website. Every post goes online with a link. We know that is a source link for your post. the milk contains the domain of your website and the date when your post is published, so it's really important that the source link of your post will be visible everywhere.

I am going to explain that how to create an automatic source link or How do i add a hyperlink to a post for every post on your website if anyone tries to copy your content. 

Work of Source link 

Your hard prepare a post from many sources. After all these efforts you write a post on any topic and you publish it on your website.  Some other person copies your content without giving any credits. Your hard work your efforts everything goes in a second to another website.

How to prevent this from happening, it's a very simple and easy trick. To prevent this from happening next time if anyone going to your content from your website and paste it on their website then a source link with your website credit will appear automatically. 


it's helpful. advantage package for your website, after using our method, If anyone tries to copy your content or post and whenever they paste it her website. In this process automatic source links will generate pointing to your website. It will also give you backlinks for your website, with the help of these backlinks to your website post you will grow much faster than ever. 


I can't see any disadvantages in it. It will give you only advantages in backing sections. It helps to grow your website.  We are going to use it is also a lightweight JavaScript and because of its lightweight, it will not affect your website loading speed. by the way. These are my opinions, it is possible that your opinion can be different. 


Install an automatic source link

To create an automatic source link generator on your website. It's very easy and simple to create an automatic sourcing generator on your website you have to follow the simple steps given below. 

Video Customization Tutorial



Go to blogger.com 


Click on theme 

How do I embed a link in a post?


Click on the arrow after that click edit HTML 


After the date find </body> and paste the code about it


How do I make a clickable link?


Now click on save, and it's done. 

I have two versions of it,  leave the decision on you that with the one you want to use.


Code 1: 

 <script type='text/javascript'>
// Copy Text
function nocopas(){var e=window.getSelection();pagelink=" Read more : "+document.location.href,copytext=e+pagelink,newdiv=document.createElement("div"),newdiv.style.position="absolute",newdiv.style.left="-99999px",document.body.appendChild(newdiv),newdiv.innerHTML=copytext,e.selectAllChildren(newdiv),window.setTimeout(function(){document.body.removeChild(newdiv)},100)}document.addEventListener("copy",nocopas);


You can edit the code from where I mark it 


<script type='text/javascript'>
!function(e,t){var n="getSelection",o="removeAllRanges",i="addRange",l="parentNode",a="firstChild",d="appendChild",r="removeChild",s="test",c="innerHTML";if(e[n]){var p,g,f,h,u,y;t.addEventListener("copy",function(C){for(g=C.target;3===g.nodeType;)g=g[l];if(h=t.createElement("div"),(p=e[n]())&&p.rangeCount&&(p=p.getRangeAt(0))&&(f=p.cloneRange(),p=p.cloneContents())){for(;u=p[a];)h[d](u);if(!/^(pre|code)$/i[s](g.nodeName||"")&&!/(^|s)no-attribution(s|$)/i[s](g.className||"")){var v=e.location.href;h[c]+="<br><br>&copy; "+t.title+'<br>Source: <a href="'+v+'">'+v+"</a>"}y=t.createRange(),t.body[d](h),y.selectNodeContents(h),p=e[n](),p[o](),p[i](y),setTimeout(function(){h[l][r](h),p[o](),p[i](f)})}},!1)}}(window,document);



It's a very easy and simple tool to protect your contact from thieves. It's also easy to apply. You but if you are facing any problem applying it on your website then you can contact me on telegram at any time.        

The automatic source link generator tool is a must-have tool that every blogger website owner should have.