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How to Add Auto Page Refresh System in Blogger | Setup Auto-Refresh on Blogger | Techno Mahesh

Hello, Students, Welcome to Techno Mahesh. Today we are going to learn how to create an auto-refresh on our website. These steps are simple. 

How to make auto-refresh on blogger 

Setup Auto-Refresh on Blogger

Auto-refresh on blogger.

it's possible that some visitor a website that will auto-refresh sometime. At the time you also think that how it's happening so user. it's easy to Create an auto-refresh on our blogger website. auto-refresh is a function from which your website will auto-refresh in a given time. 


There are two advantages in auto-refresh tool the first one is it will increase your visitor count. In case there is a user online on your website. and after 60 seconds your website will take is refreshing after this reference your website view count will increase automatically with some user it helps to rank your website in Google search engine, because of regularly increased users count google will think that your website is really useful bats why so many users are visited so then Google will increase the rank of your website. 

It will increase your earning, every time the website will automatically refresh then every time new ads will show and you will earn more. 


There are no disadvantages in auto-refresh but if you want to use it you have to take some precaution and some attention, nothing less nothing more. So if you are going to install Auto difference on your website then please pay attention to the auto-reference timing, do not set auto-refreshing time too fast, if you set auto-refreshing to fast then Google will understand that you you are menu plating traffic, just try to note set your auto-refreshing timing not to too fast. 

Apply auto-refresh 

It's a very easy simple process to apply Auto reply on your website. Paste an HTML code on your website to enable auto-refreshing. 

Video Customization Tutorial



Go to blogger.com 


Click on theme 


Click on the arrow after that click edit HTML 

Add Auto Refresh system to your blogger blog


After you find </head> 

Copy the HTML code given below and paste it above </head> 

 <meta content='60' http-equiv='refresh'/>


Number 60 is it time it takes to auto-refresh, change it as you want 

At last saved theme 


You are going to use Auto Refresh then it will surely give you profit. Remember you have to pay the very attention to your Analytics to ensure that it's not too fast At last, if you face any problem or can't apply it on your website then you can contact us.